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As a trusted and reliable source in the Electronic Payments World, Speaks Financial Group offers several transaction processing services, including credit, debit, EBT and gift cards to small to medium-sized retail, home based and Internet merchants.

Speaks Financial Group separates itself from other leaders in the payment processing industry by customizing a tailor fit program specifically for your business. Not only will we get you in a much more cost-effective situation but also help educate you on what you were being charged and why.

So often we hear horror stories from merchants about getting a good rate for a few months when they switch to a new provider, then the rates go up and they end up paying the same amount they were previously paying if not more. 

Here at Speaks Financial Group we give all merchants a “RATE LOCK GUARANTEE” which means the rate program we qualify you for is the rate program you will have with us for the life of the business.

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Meet the Team

At Speaks Financial Group, we continue to add quality team members as we grow. While we're a team of more than 20 at this point, here's a few members of our team that have been with us since the start.

Jack Lee

overviews everything that has to do with customer service and retention

Support Supervisor

Antoinette Vasquez

handles merchant appointments, underwriting, and obtains copies of merchant processing documents

Corporate Analyst

Martell Watson

reviews the processing statements and locks programs in


Chris Parker

handles any hardware and software issues for merchants

Tech. Support Supervisor

Numbers Speak


Industry Awards


Serve All 50 States




Hardware Solutions

What Our Customers Have to Say

Very happy with the support I've received since switching to SFG. They got me up and running quickly and have been quick to reply anytime I've had questions. Definitely recommend.
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Kelvin Black
From Dallas, TX
Love Speaks Financial Group! My rep Ashley has helped me every step of the way and we've saved quite a bit compared to our last merchant processor.
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Zasha Swan
From Scottsdale, AZ
SFG has great rates and getting setup with their contactless payment system has been a huge help for my business. They have been a great asset to our restaurant.
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Frank Jones
From Philadelphia, PA
We've been with Speaks for over 9 months now and things have been great! Their customer support is second to none and they helped us with some financing last year when we needed it.
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Jack Brownn
From Charleston, SC
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